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The Maynor Biggers Artist Fund (MBAF) is a giving circle of Hampton University alumni that pools its resources together to invest in artists and artist companies who use their art as a vehicle for social change. MBAF recipients exemplify a true commitment to shifting the narrative, raising awareness, enhancing consciousness around societal ills in communities.

The fund was named in honor of Dorothy Maynor and John Biggers. Both were artists that attended Hampton University. Dorothy Maynor was an African-American soprano and music educator that founded the Harlem School of the Arts. Maynor was also the first African-American on the Metropolitan Opera’s Board of Directors. John Biggers was a muralist and the founding chairman of Texas Southern University’s art department. Biggers was one of the first African-Americans to receive a UNESCO fellowship to travel to West Africa to study Western African cultural traditions.

While both Maynor and Biggers have passed away, their legacy continues to impact the arts and culture field worldwide.

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